Fast Orange Laundry Detergent

A laundry detergent for mechanics? B+S helped Permatex get the sell-in and pull-through needed to make the launch a success.



Advertising, media planning and placement, PR, video production, social media.

The challenge

Launch the first modern laundry detergent aimed specifically at auto service pros.

The marketing solution

Barolin + Spencer implemented multi-faceted campaigns targeting end consumers and distribution channels. Campaigns included online display and video, paid search, and social media. Print and online advertising targeting professional channels was supplemented with a broad PR push.

Insight: Social media engagements showed that it was as important to target the mechanic’s domestic partner as it was the mechanic.

By the end of the six-month launch campaign, ITW had gained placement in one of the top five auto retail chains. Fast Orange® Grease X Laundry Detergent went on to gain placement in 11 major automotive retail chains as well as in major supermarket chains.

Social Media

Paid content targeting service pros, DIYs, and their domestic partners.


Promotional Video

Launch video for YouTube campaign and website.

…gained placement in 11 major automotive retail chains…

Online advertising

Display and paid search campaigns targeting service pros, DIYs, and their domestic partners.

FOLD ad from Houston
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Print advertising

Ad campaign targeting automotive service pros.