Why PR (Still) Matters

a group of businessmen on cell phones

Public Relations, commonly referred to as “PR”, may bring to mind long articles in a dusty newspaper. Younger consumers are increasingly drawn to digital platforms, and marketers are responding accordingly. Yet even with so much of our lives happening virtually, utilizing traditional and digital PR…

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The Politics of Business

Man holding an open newspaper and reading the inside

Traditional wisdom says that politics and religion should never be discussed around the dinner table, let alone publicly supported by a business, but businesses are increasingly taking a stand on issues they care about. In a climate where businesses are judged by their values (or…

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Business in a Post-COVID Era

a crumpled ball of paper is turned into a paper airplane

There is no doubt that the COVID pandemic has had a huge and lasting impact on businesses worldwide. Everyone from your corner coffee shop to Facebook have been forced to rethink the business practices we all took for granted. What does this mean for business…

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