A Round Up of Some of the Best Ads of 2017 (So Far)

2017 has already had its fair share of advertising triumphs and disasters (think Pepsi). The following five ads have racked up millions of views by comically incorporating pop culture or by commenting on some of today’s biggest social issues.

  • Domino’s Pizza – “Home For Pizza”

In this ad, Domino’s delightfully recreates the race home scene from the cult-classic “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” However, instead of rushing home to avoid having his parents find out he was playing hooky, in Domino’s version, “Stranger Things” star Joe Keery races home to receive his Domino’s pizza delivery.

  • Heineken – “World’s Apart”

In this compelling ad, Heineken conducts an experiment in which two strangers are paired together and told to build a bar. Unbeknownst to the participants, they have been matched with a partner who holds the polar opposite view on a social issue they are passionate about. What happens next is unbelievable.

  • Pedigree – “Pick Me”

This heartwarming ad flips the tables on pet adoption. The ad places humans inside cages, who end up vying for the affection of a dog. The ad shows us that we need a pet just as much as they need us.

  • Audi – “Daughter”

In this ad from the Super Bowl, Audi uses the inspiring victory of the sole girl in a race to advocate for equal pay for equal work.

  • Kia – “Hero’s Journey”

This Super Bowl ad hilariously follows Melissa McCarthy’s disastrous quest to become an “eco-warrior.” Kia drives home its eco-friendly message by showing how McCarthy and others can become an “eco-warrior” simply by driving a 2017 Kia Niro.

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