Google is Showing Last-Click Attribution the Door


Google has announced that it will be launching a new product, Google Attribution, in a few months. Google Attribution will help marketers track and evaluate the influence of their marketing efforts across all devices and channels. Google’s free, easy-to-use and data-driven attribution tool will help marketers pinpoint which marketing efforts were instrumental in consumer purchasing decisions. As a result, marketers will be able to make better decisions about how to distribute their marketing budget.

In last-click attribution, all of the credit for sales and conversions is given to the last touchpoint that is clicked on prior to the sale or conversion. This attribution method can obviously lead to misleading results, as it is very rare for a customer’s last-click to be the sole decisive factor in their purchasing decision. In this case, marketers can miss out on important factors that led to the sale.

Babak Pahlavan, senior director of product management at Google, stated, “We really focused on simplicity for Google Attribution…you basically connect your accounts, import your data, choose the attribution model that works best, then you can export the results through AdWords. You can immediately optimize your campaigns through the attribution models. Something that took months to do, we’ve reduced it down to minutes.”

A more advanced attribution platform, Google Attribution 360, will be available for purchase by enterprises. Google Attribution 360 offers marketers more models and marketing channels than the simplified Google Attribution.

Babak explained that Google Attribution 360 “seamlessly integrates with platforms like DoubleClick campaign manager and allows marketers to bring in third party data not based on Google campaigns. As a bonus, Attribution 360 also has the capability to measure TV. Marketers now can use the tools to understand the impact of their TV ads on things like website visits or searches.”

If you are looking to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing efforts, you many want to give Google Attribution a try.

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