10 Must-Use Facebook Advertising Features


With over 1.8 billion users, Facebook is a prime destination for advertisers to reach consumers. Facebook offers a wealth of features to help advertisers target users, but many people don’t even realize they exist. Try out these ten Facebook advertising tools recommended by WordStream to make the most out of your Facebook advertising:

  • The Facebook Pixel: This feature uses a code that allows you to track user actions between Facebook and your website.
  • Website Conversion Campaigns: This feature helps optimize your ad campaign towards completing the goals you have established for the campaign. Facebook will track users using the Facebook Pixel, see which users are more likely to complete your goal, and then optimize the campaign to show your ad to similar users, and hopefully increase the efficiency of your campaign.
  • Behavior Targeting: This feature gives you access to Facebook’s endless user-behavior data to help you target the right crowd with your ads. To name just a few characteristics, Facebook can provide you data on past purchase behavior, purchase intent, device usage and travel habits.
  • Interest Targeting: This feature provides companies with the interests Facebook users have declared on their profiles in order to target users who would theoretically be interested in the company’s product or service. This tool allows you to target users’ interests as broadly or narrowly as you choose. Companies can target users who are interested in anything from movies to meditation.
  • Demographic Targeting: This feature helps companies ensure that their ads reach the exact type of person they want to target. Facebook lets companies target people based on location, age, gender, languages spoken, relationship status, education, employment, finances, housing, ethnicity, generation, parental status, political affiliation, life events and much more.
  • Custom Audiences: Custom Audiences allows advertisers to define their target audiences with a mix of behavior, interest, geographic and demographic targeting. This can also include remarketing lists, which will display ads to users that have previously visited your website or taken a specific action or completed a goal on your website.
  • Ads
    • Engagement Ads on Wall Posts: This feature allows companies to target the people who frequently engage with their posts through liking, commenting, or sharing them.
    • Video Ads: This feature allows you to create ads that involve videos or GIFs. According to Fortune, Facebook videos receive over eight billion views every day. This statistic makes video ads invaluable for companies.
    • Lead Ads: This feature allows companies to obtain valuable customer information. Lead ads can be used for things like getting users to sign up for an email newsletter, make an appointment, or claim a deal or discount.
    • Carousel Ads: These ads allow companies to advertise multiple products. The display will automatically slide over to reveal more of the company’s content. Carousel ads allow you to utilize up to ten images or videos, a headline for each image or video, links and a call to action.

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