Is Mobile Actually Going to Eclipse Traditional Television Viewing?


Yes, yes it is. A recent study from eMarketer determined that over the past four years, the average time consumers spend on their mobile devices has increased by almost a minute per day. On the other hand, the average time consumers spend watching traditional television sets has decreased by more than 30 seconds per day over the past four years. eMarketer predicts that mobile television viewing will surpass traditional television viewing in just a few years time.

Television is turning away from tradition. Today’s society wants to watch whatever they want, whenever they want, and watching content on mobile devices provides viewers with the flexibility and convenience they crave. Viewers are starting to reject traditional broadcast network programming in favor of innovative video streaming services that are available as apps on their mobile devices. These streaming services are starting to pump out exclusive original content that isn’t available on cable television. Many viewers, known as cord-cutters, are completely abandoning cable television for these video streaming services.


Advertisers need to take this shift of traditional to mobile television into consideration in their ad campaigns. As the trend continues, it will be essential for advertisers to transfer a large portion of their ad spend from traditional television ads to ads that run on video streaming services.

So, could traditional television viewing disappear altogether? Syracuse University professor Robert Thompson doubts it. Thompson claims that viewers will retreat back to traditional television viewing for programming that lends itself to a larger screen. Think about it, you’re not going to watch the Super Bowl on your iPhone, are you?

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