Bite-size marketing tips

B+S put together a few quick tips to keep in mind while marketing your website.

Keep your website content fresh.

Fresh website content is priority number one for all your viewers. What attracts news visitors as well as returning ones? You guessed it. Updated, fresh, content.

Always write relevant titles for your website images.

Properly defining the image titles on your website can have a big impact on your search engine results. This is often what describes the image in an image search list. Tailoring these titles provides prospective site visitors more information about your pages images, which leads to more clicks.

Share your content on multiple social networks.

Tweeting, Posting, Instagramming… seems a bit daunting, but just a few shares to popular social networks can generate more relevant clicks to your site.

Be open to how your company is run, build trust.

Customers want to know that they can trust your business. Building brand trust can be accomplished through honest display of company workflows and policies. Providing customers with a glimpse into your world opens them up to see how you work and get results.

Understand current trends.

Still not using google ad services, running a website that isn’t mobile friendly? Being ahead of the trend curve will help garner an advantage in your marketing plans.

Deploy an e-mail marketing campaign


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