Lyle Back M.D. Website

ilovelyleback-featured offers its target audience a look into Dr. Lyle Back’s experience as a plastic surgeon and his philosophy for helping his patients achieve their goals.

The website's "Services" presentation is integrated with a custom before/after gallery of previous patients. A series of videos of Dr. Back speaking about his experiences with patients and specific surgical questions allows viewers to get a real feel for his personality and his approach to medicine.

Visitors to the site can stay up-to-date with the News and Events feature and find answers to their questions with the Ask Dr. Back (FAQ) page.

The site was built in the WordPress platform, and traffic to the site is promoted with both ongoing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ad campaigns.

The site was built using responsive web design to allow a uniform site experience across different devices and browsers.