Simkar Website Development


Simkar Corporation designs and manufactures lighting for commercial, industrial, and DIY markets. Located in Philadelphia, PA, Simkar has been leading its field for over 55 years. had previously been managed page by page, using standard HTML. The companies website needs have grown recently, demanding easier adding/editing of product information. B+S designed and developed a new product layout strategy, making it easier for Simkar's customers to access product information. Each product page contains a unique form providing customers quick access to send product inquiries.

Using Wordpress as the CMS backend, Simkar personal can easily add new products to multiple areas of the site, including a new Markets section, where Simkar provides users with a selection of products relevant to specific applications. The website was also built with expansion in mind. The products module can be adapted to create more content throughout the site by checking a few boxes.

The website was built using a mobile first platform and scales to fit any device.

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