The Work

VDO REDI-Sensor Product Launch

Continental had announced the upcoming launch of a new TPMS sensor technology, and competitors had begun a ‘whisper’ campaign telling distributors that the new technology couldn’t actually deliver the capabilities Continental had announced.

To counter the negative buzz, B+S helped Continental conduct a live introduction event in front of the media and key customers.

The event demonstrated the VDO REDI-Sensor’s capabilities in front of the live audience.

The event was taped, and the video was used to spread the message in a video press release, on YouTube, and on Continental’s website.

B+S followed the launch event with a complete integrated campaign providing:

  • Print, online, and paid search advertising
  • Online video training
  • Social media outreach
  • Online educational promotions
  • Ongoing media outreach
  • Mini website and SEO